“Cutting Edge Sustainability – The heart of everything we do”

Cutting Edge Sustainability

We work for a more sustainable world by focusing on responsible production and consumption. Cutting Edge Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. In fact, it has been a main focus for Nordic Foam Group  since we were founded.

“Cutting Edge Sustainability” has been our motto and comes from a desire to bring about positive developments for customers, employees and suppliers, as well as the local community. 

Sustainability is not only a defining part of our past and present. Since 2018, it has been the focal point in our ambitious strategic vision for the future. Hence, sustainability is what guides us forward.

Foam Scrap Bales

​Nordic Foam Group secures that all of our foam scraps are compressed into bales and sold on to our partners that are pioneers in recycling and processing new, flexible polyurethane foams blocks.

These new foam blocks have various new properties such as extreme elasticity, durability, comfort, shock absorption and insulation.

These blocks are environmentally sound and sustainable also recyclable themselves. In this way they have no negative impact on the environment and the circle is complete.


At Nordic Foam Group we try to secure the most optimal production in order to minimize waste materials and and reduce our energy needs.

We also try to reduce our usage of different packaging materials like cardboard and plastic and even try to compress the final products as much as possible in order to minimize transportation costs and the emission that come from this transportation.

Our vision for the future

Our mission is to provided knowledge and develop tailor-made foam solution that allow us, our customer and partners to succeed together and ensure mutual value creation

We will through expert advice and tailor-made foam solutions inspire and develop our customers and partners allowing them to grow and succeed in their own markets

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