Modern Machine Park

Moderne Machine Park

The increased demand from customers means that our machinery is constantly being renewed with more modern machines that provide efficacy, quicker production time and higher quality of the final product.

The machine park currently consist of

  • Fecken Kirfel C51 -CNC contour cuttingmachine
  • Fecken Kirfel C52 – CNC contour cuttingmachine with turntable
  • Fecken Kirfel 8008 anglecutter
  • Baumer BSM & VTS production line
  • Baumer anglecutter
  • Mica vertical cutter
  • Kuris vertical cutter
  • HYMA vertical cutter
  • Camre profiling machine

Foam scrap bales

Nordic Foam Group secures that all of our foam scraps are compressed into bales and sold on to our partners that are pioneers in recycling and processing new, flexible polyurethane foams blocks.

These new foam blocks have various new properties such as extreme elasticity, durability, comfort, shock absorption and insulation.

These blocks are environmentally sound and sustainable also recyclable themselves. In this way they have no negative impact on the environment and the circle is complete.

Our vision for the future

We will be Northern Europe’s most innovative and preferred partner within tailor-made foam solutions

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