Healthcare & Medico

We design and manufacture products for hospitals and the healthcare industry. We ensure that patients and relatives feel safe and get the best comfort during their stay in hospitals, nursing homes or at home.

Nordic Foam Group – Healthcare & Medico

Comfort and Ulcer prevention is paramount

Our product range and services are the following

  • Pressure relieving mattresses
  • Wheelchair cushions
  • Toilet seats
  • Wedges
  • Operations cushions
  • Support foam
  • Hygiene covers
  • Pillow covers

We master comfort and ulcer prevention

We design and manufacture many different products that ensure the best comfort for patients when staying in a hospital, nursing home or at home. In addition, our products help prevent complications due to a prolonged hospitalization – including pressure ulcers by ensuring the right combination of support and pressure relief.

All products are tested and approved according to Class 1 – Medical devices. In addition, we develop mattresses for pressure ulcer prevention, cf. the Braden or Norton scale and perform pressure distribution analyzes of the individual mattresses as documentation of their unique properties.

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