Materials & Craftsmanship

It is the materials and solid Danish craftsmanship that create our products. From the solid wood construction, which guarantees a long life, to the inner foam materials that create the design, shape and feel – to the comfort of the fabrics that complete the aesthetic expression and form. It is the materials that set our basis of our perception of time and space.

For Nordic Foam Group, materials are not just materials. They are what we are passionate about, and therefore quality is crucial.

At Nordic Foam Group, respect for the environment is our overriding focus. That is why we choose partners who share a desire to reduce the impact on the environment in all processes from production, design and delivery.

FOAM – PUReCore© inside

Our partners use the latest technology and the best raw materials to improve the unique properties, quality and durability of the foam, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.

At Nordic Foam Group we only carry the best foam qualities from Europe.

Our suppliers are Draka Interfoam, Vita Talalay, Carpenter, Polypreen, Foam Partners & Recticel.


Our partners use the latest technology and the best raw materials to improve the quality and durability of the textile – thereby reducing the impact on the environment. Textiles play a crucial role in our perception of design and space. The fabric is more than just a practical solution in the interior, it is the fabric that creates the atmosphere and completes your new furniture. Textile is a unique padding material made using a variety of techniques. The many different techniques are expressed in the textile structure, density and general aesthetic expression. Different furniture fabrics fit different purposes.

All our textiles are Kvadrat, Gabriel, Romo, Designers Guild, Pieters Textiles, Setex, 

LEATHER – marked by nature is a sign of exclusivity

At Nordic Foam Group, we only work with Europe’s most beautiful leather types. The producers are known for their gentle machining of raw hides and vegetable tanning processes with bark from among other things, Mimosa and Tara trees. This workmanship ensures that the furniture becomes more durable while promoting the beautiful details, colors and natural marks of the leather. We are exclusively upholstered in two leather types, aniline and semi-aniline, both characterized by their high quality, breathability and sitting comfort, and only 5% of all rawhides meet the requirements for aniline, while 10-15% meet the requirements for semi-aniline.


Wood is a unique and vibrant natural material. Nordic Foam Group believes in sustainability, and we support initiatives that improve environmental awareness. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations is of fundamental importance, but where we find it right, we will seek to do more.

This is done, for example, through collaborations with both FSC®, PEFC ™ and other certification schemes.

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