Healthcare & Medico

We design and manufacturer products for hospitals and healthcare industry. We ensure that patients and relatives fell safe and get the best comfort during their stay in hospitals, nursing homes or at home.

Upholstery & Furniture

Nordic Foam Group is an enabler to help design the New Classics and ensure the legacy of the Danish Design Classics

Hotels & Hospitality

Nordic Foam Group manufactures quality mattresses for hotels where design, aesthetics and comfort are paramount for the complete experience that is desired.

Design & Branding

Nordic Foam Group has been a leader in redefining the way foam can be used in creative, cost effective solutions in soft furnishings, packaging inserts, design installations, creative seating, point of sale / window dressing props and presentation accessories.

Acoustic & Packaging

All great products need to be “handled with care” during transportation. Nordic Foam Group has been securing these products through innovative packaging solution with varies kind of foam constructions.

Schools & Institutions

Nordic Foam Group caters for all schools, institutions and after-schools. We manufacture tailor-made mattresses and seating areas and develop new innovative bedding packages for after-schools to meet the higher demands from student and hygiene issues.

Sport & Leisure

Nordic Foam Group produces a number of products for use in institutions, sports arenas, gymnastics and games.

Industry & Technicals

Nordic Foam Group produces a number of products in the technical foam category for the building, wind power and isolation industries. These important components ensure that the quality of the final project is first class.

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